Company Info


Unlimited Performance Training, Inc. (UPT) is a training organization providing customized training and development programs and resources, instructional design, provides staffing of professional trainers, executive coaches, keynote moderators and conference speakers to meet the changing needs of Fortune 500 companies.



  • Sales Training Design & Delivery
  • Sales Management Training Design & Delivery
  • Leadership Development Design & Delivery
  • Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Healthcare Industry-Targeted Seminars
  • Training Consultation on Seminar & Curriculum Design
  • Staffing of Professional Trainers (for launches, keynotes & seminars)
  • Consultation and Staffing for New Product Launches
  • Customized Co-Promotional Training
  • National, Regional & District Meeting Programs
  • Executive Coaching Packages
  • Keynote Speakers & Panel Moderators


Award Winning Seminars:

  • Inverted Selling (strategic selling skills for sales representatives)
  • The Customer Connection® (selling skills for employees who work in telesales)
  • Listening Skills Workshop (how to improve connections made with customers)
  • The Courage to ASK® (a closing skills workshop)
  • Creating Dynamic Dialogs with Customers (probing skills workshop)
  • Selling to Multicultural Physicians® (how to sell to multicultural physicians)
  • Selling to Multicultural Customers® (how to sell to multicultural customers)
  • Building Cultural Competency (improving the sensitivity and adapting the approach when dealing with multicultural stakeholders)
  • Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Industry® (for employees who are new to the industry)
  • W.IN Leadership® an award winning research-based leadership seminar for the advancement of women Career Management Strategies Seminar® (Teaching the skills, knowledge and behaviors necessary to navigate career success)
  • Coaching Career Management Strategies Seminar® (Teaching the coaching skills, necessary to motivate and support employee career success)
  • District Sales Manager Training (all core competencies needed to build the skills, knowledge and develop behaviors to effectively lead sales teams)
  • Regional Sales Manager Training (addresses the core competencies needed to lead front line sales managers)
  • The Unforgettable Trainer® Workshop (addresses the competencies needed for trainers to succeed with presentation, facilitation skills, the basics of instructional design, handling difficult participants, object lessons, and more.)
  • Unforgettable Presentation Skills® Workshop (a training program for all levels of employees who are working toward excellence in platform skills)
  • Mastering Matrix Leadership® (for employees who need to influence their peers in order to accomplish their goals)
  • The Mentoring Difference™
  • Networking: Pay it Forward® (the mindset, process and connections needed to network effectively)
  • Gender Communion Strategies™ (improving communication between men and women)