Staffing Professional Trainers


The Unlimited Performance Training, Inc. team is available to support your departments training efforts around the country. U.P.Training, Inc. trainers specialize in training professionals within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

The Unlimited Performance Training, Inc. team of experienced facilitators has a minimum of 5 years and as much as 34 years experience in the healthcare industry. U.P.Training, Inc. specializes in integrating the skill, knowledge and behaviors learned in our training seminars back to the practical application of these new resources on the job. Our outstanding facilitators will engage your group, and bring out the intellectual capital among your team members. With an exceptional portfolio of professional trainers, U.P. Training, Inc. is available for local, regional and national meetings.

The Unlimited Performance Training, Inc. team is available to supplement pharmaceutical and biotech company training needs.
Trainers are Available for:

  • New Product Launches
  • Expansion Training
  • District, Regional & National Meetings
  • Co-Promotion Partner Training
  • Contract Sales Organization Training

Trainers have Expertise in:

  • All Disease States
  • Product Knowledge
  • Selling Skills
  • Management Development
  • Managed Care
  • Hospital and Retail Selling

Trainer Profiles:

  • 5 to 34 Years Industry Experience in:
    - Selling
    - Sales Management
    - Marketing
    - Training
    - Managed Care
  • Professional Training Experience
  • Geographically Located